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01. Receiving Requirements The Partner Development Specialists department will receive customer requests through discussions to understand the current status of the business and then propose software solutions for the enterprise.
02. Research & Analytics The main objective of the discovery phase is to assess the project and understand the business objectives. We develop the most cost-effective and approachable technology solutions, closely coordinating with the business to achieve the defined goals.
03. Sketching & Design The design team will sketch software mockups, and the programming team will develop demo software for clients to preview.
04. Receiving Feedback from Customers When customers receive the demo and provide feedback, adjustments are made to suit the business. We will receive the feedback and make revisions if necessary.
05. Programming Implementation In custom software development, we employ flexible approaches to track progress daily to meet project budgets and deadlines. We utilize platforms such as JIRA, Harvest, GitHub, GitLab, and others to maintain this transparency.
Our clients can receive detailed progress reports at any point during the software development lifecycle.
06. Testing Khai Hoan employs both automated and manual testing methods to meticulously test every new feature developed in this phase.
07. Handover & Warranty During the handover phase, we ensure that the software has been deployed and is functioning smoothly. We provide a warranty period to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term product performance.
Successful Projects

With our wealth of experience, our team knows how to leverage the power of data, artificial intelligence, optimization, modernization, and automation to achieve your business goals.


Liberty Carz is the leading digital automotive business solution in Cambodia, backed by Khai Hoan Holding. Liberty Carz is committed to providing a convenient and technologically advanced car buying and selling experience, accompanied by outstanding customer service.


Influence News, supported by Khai Hoan Group, is committed to providing accurate and timely news information in Cambodia. Our mission is to inform and inspire readers, and promote positive change through professional journalism.


Influence was born from a vision to revolutionize the marketing landscape in Cambodia. Founded by a team of experienced industry professionals and supported by Khai Hoan Holding, we have embarked on a mission to bring international standards and resources to the local market.

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