May 2, 2024 9:39 am by khaihoan

Liberty Technology – a Key Partner of Khai Hoan Holdings

Recognizing the importance of technology in societal development, since 2021, Khai Hoan Holdings has been focusing more on investing and developing the field of information technology. One of the most significant milestones is the collaboration with Liberty Technology as a technology personnel partner, leading to the establishment of the Technology Department at Khai Hoan Holdings.

Liberty Technology is a company specializing in providing advanced technology solutions in various sectors including commerce, services, and finance, with its headquarters in Cambodia and operations spanning across 14 countries. Throughout its formation and development process, Liberty Technology has always valued human capital, investing heavily in its technology workforce. Khai Hoan Holdings serves as the partner providing high-quality technology engineers to Liberty Technology.

In the early days, the Technology Department at Khai Hoan Holdings had only 2 members. After nearly a year of operation, the number of personnel has increased to nearly 40. Two prominent projects undertaken by the Technology Department are the development of the Liberty Currency Exchange & Transfer mobile application for currency conversion and the Liberty Carz mobile application for car trading.

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